Monday-Saturday 8am - 9:30pm

Sunday - 9am - 2pm



Bagel Plain 1.39  w/spread add .89 

Extra Cream Cheese  .75

Croissant 2.99 (spread included)

Toast 2.99 (spread & jam included)

English Muffin 1.99

Breakfast Sandwiches 4.49 (egg, sausage, bacon & American cheese)

Egg white Sandwich 5.35 (Three egg whites, bacon, sausage, or ham, with American cheese)

Bread Choice: Bagel, Toast, English Muffin, (Croissant +.79)

Salsa Scrambled Egg Wrap 4.99 (egg, ham, monterey jack cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, salsa, tomato wrap)

Tapestry Egg Bagel Sandwich 4.89 (bagel of choice, egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese)

Tiropita (cheese pie) 1.69 each or  3 for 4.99
(a greek layered pastry food, made with layers of buttered filo and filled with a cheese-egg mixture)

Spanakopita (spinach pie) 1.69 each or  3 for 4.99
(a filling of chopped spinach, feta cheese, and egg mixture made with layers of
buttered filo)


Mediterranean Omelet 7.99
(egg, feta cheese, tomato, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives)

Greek Omelet 7.49

(Fresh baby spinach, diced tomato, and feta cheese)

Spinach Omelet 7.49
(egg, spinach, cheese)

Hawaiian Omelet 7.59

(Ham and diced pineapple with cheese of choice)

Bacon Tomato & Cheddar Omelet 7.29

(Chopped bacon & diced tomato with cheddar cheese)

Bread Choices:( bagel, croissant, English muffin and toast) Add 1.99 on all omelets

Belgian Waffle Regular 5.99

Custom Belgian Waffle 7.99

Waffle Toppings -ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate